Christina Mandzuk

Here at ScioŠkola, I will be working with the students in English and guiding them through various subjects. I am excited to be here because I have always believed that experience and “doing” is the best way to learn. Working with kids both in the US and Thailand, I have seen how important it is for them to have the opportunity and space to think for themselves and be creative, so I try to provide and encourage this as much as possible. I look forward to exploring and learning together.When I am not at school, I can be found swimming or doing something outside, cooking, travelling, or reading cookbooks. I also enjoy wine and sharing a good laugh.

Výsledky losování zápisy 2019/2020

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Pošepného náměstí 2022/3
149 00, Praha 11 – Chodov

Pevná linka: 22 22 00 000
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